Endeavor House day

Congratulations to Samuel and Alice from Endeavour House for organising our first House Day this year. They were helped to run the event by the other “Endeavour” pupils in Year 6; over £100 was raised for their chosen charity, the Air Ambulance.

Endeavour House Captain, Samuel Osborne, said:

“This event was a held on Tuesday 16th May and was a great success –so much so that some Year 6s even said that it was the best house day they have ever had and they’ve had thirteen! As you can tell it was a very interesting and exciting day for all years.”


Vice-Captain, Alice Osborne, said:

“Our House Day was held in the I.C.T. Suite where pupils from every class in the school were asked to create a game using “2Do It Yourself”; they were expected to create this game using the blocks on the game and to write instructions. They came in mufti and brought in 50p to give towards the Air Ambulance.”