Jungle Fun!

The focus for this year's Book Week was Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book". One of the highlights for the children was the visit of M and M Productions, a travelling theatre company who transformed our hall into a jungle setting to perform their version of the well-known story. Despite a limited cast, all the familiar characters featured to provide a unique experience for all.


This is what some of our Year 6 children had to say:

" I particularly enjoyed the parts where they included the audience. I would give this a five star rating."  CJC

"I enjoyed the whole experience: it was a joy to be part of it. It was really impressive because there were four people playing fifteen characters and quite a few quick changes. After the performance Year 6 had an amazing workshop with the cast."  KS

"The experience was amazing to watch and to be part of as well. the costumes were so vivid; I thought that they were actual talking animals. I wondered how the characters mad it look so easy to change their voice." SM