The governing body's main aim in any school is to help raise standards of achievement and make sure the school provides a good quality education.

Governors are at the heart of how a school operates. It's important they get things right. How they do their job affects the interests of pupils, staff morale and how the school is seen by parents and others in the community.

At Whitefriars: ‘The governors offer an enhanced level of challenge to school leaders to maintain the improvements in pupils’ achievement.’ 

Governors are responsible for how the school is performing. They have to be prepared to support and challenge their headteacher by gathering views, asking questions and deciding what's best for the pupils.

At Whitefriars: ‘They are clear about the quality of teaching in the school and the steps being taken to continue this improvement.’ 

Governors attend school events and regular meetings, and read relevant reports and background papers. You can expect to attend around 2 meetings every term, either full meetings of the governing body or committee meetings, so about 12 meetings a year.

At Whitefriars: ‘Governors are a highly visible presence in the school...’ (Ofsted 2013)

They serve our school well and we are immensely grateful for their dedication and generosity of time! 

We need school governors!

Becoming a school governor is an excellent way for you to get involved in our school. The governor's role is to work on a committee and act as a 'critical friend' to the headteacher as well as help with decision making such as allocation of budgets. No specific skills are required and training is available. You do not have to be a parent or have any experience of the education sysyem. You just need to be able to commit to attending an average of a meeting a month.
Being a governor is an interesting and rewarding role which is of huge benefit to the school.
To find out more, please contact the headteacher.