Our School

  •  At Whitefriars Junior School we believe that it is effort and hard work which makes for success. (Our three Es, are Effort, Expectation and Excellence for all.)
  • Academic, sporting and artistic endeavour are equally valuable learning experiences.
  •  Our staff are highly committed professionals sharing a sense of community and a passion for creative and challenging learning.
  • Our Ofsted inspection in 2013 recognized that, ‘Consistently good teaching has contributed significantly to the steady rise in standards. Pupils’ experiences are overwhelmingly positive because teachers plan lessons that engage and inspire them to do well.’
  •  Our 3Cs (Care, Courtesy and Consideration) drive us to continue to develop our system of pastoral care which ensures that every pupil is taken care of as an individual. ‘Attendance is consistently above the national average because pupils want to come to school every day to learn.’ Ofsted 2013
  •  Our parents, governors and our wider community are very proud of our children who achieve so much by learning to contribute to school and the local community.
  • Ofsted reported, ‘Teaching promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding effectively through a varied range of global and local topics, activities and events. Displays of pupils’ work and a palpable sense of collaborative learning from all members of the school community underlined this view.’

Our aim is to ensure that children leave the school equipped with the best possible academic outcomes as well as resilience and resourcefulness so that they are capable of transferring successfully to secondary education and realize their potential.